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ShadeMC Rules

General Rules

1. Be nice to other Players and Staff.

   - Do not disrespect other Towns.

   - Do not spread rumours or lies about Players / Staff / Towns.

2. Players are not allowed to use alt accounts.

   - If you have multiple people within your household who are playing on the server, please let any staff member know.

3. Do not build inappropriate or offensive buildings.

4. Mods that give you an advantage are not allowed in KaosCraft

Allowed Mods

   - Game engine performance mods such as Optifine, Sodium, Starlight, etc.

   - Minimaps (caves, maps, and mines on mini-map are allowed)

Disallowed Mods

   - Cheaty clients

   - X-ray mods

   - Automatic functions (auto-mining, auto-clicking)

   - Macros

5. Using Inappropriate skin and names will get you temporarily banned until you change it.

6. Scamming is not allowed

   - Selling goods for an abnormal about of money (for example; 1 melon for $7,000,000)

   - No Player Shops buying items at ridiculously below market value. (i.e. Chest Shops buying a Diamond for $0.01)

7. Real Life Trading for in-game money/items is not allowed at all!

8. Racism, Homophobia, and any other sort of discrimination will lead you to a ban!

9. No Duping or Exploiting Items

Chat Rules

1. Do not advertise other Minecraft Servers / Discords / Other servers.

   - You are allowed to advertise your Town / Nation / Player Shop.

2. Spamming is not allowed.

3. Swearing is allowed as long as it's not excessive.

   - No swearing toward someone to intends to offend other players.

4. Do not share any personal data with anyone!

5. No inappropriate usernames or nicknames.

6. Do not harass any player or staff member.

7. Failure to listen to staff members will end up in punishment.

Towny Rules

1. Do not damage or destroy anyone's build unless you have been told to.

   - If anything has been built in the Resource world you can destroy it.

2. PvP requires permission to fight each other.

   - You won't need player permission if it's a PVP Arena or an event/minigame.

3. Claiming a Town near another Town will get your town removed unless that Town has given you permission to live next to them.

4. Do not try to find or abuse a way to bypass the Anti-AFK plugin

   - This means no AFK machines are allowed

5. Stealing Items, Animals, and Loot from other players are not allowed

6. Building Redstone machines or farms that cause lag in the area will be removed automatically by a staff member.

   - This means;

      - No Flying Machines

      - No Mob Farms that spawn an unreasonable amount of mobs

      - No zero tick farms